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The Issues At Hand


Environmental Protection

Regular testing of our water, air and soil is the beginning. Industries that have toxins as part of their process should be required to have a pretreatment system in place. We are fortunate to have these industries in Wisconsin but they must not erode away our natural resources in the process.

School Bus & Children


Learning is best in an environment where children feel safe and secure and teachers are appreciated and valued. Grants and funding utilized to keep up with technology is one way to improve outcomes. Also, communication must be consistent throughout the school system so every school is informed of all available resources. The underlying factors that affect achievement need to be acknowledged and addressed. The Americans With Disabilities Act should be in place at all schools. Children with disabilities should have the appropriate resources available.

Woman & Doctor

Health Care For All

Health Care is a right that should be available to all Americans. The freedom to choose the best course of action should be left to the individual. Blanket legislation does not allow for consideration for an individual’s personal circumstances. I support the person's right to make decisions that are best for them and their families. Safe and credible options need to be available so that people are not forced into treacherous situations. Also, the cost of healthcare should never hinder one from seeking medical treatment. Insurance companies should not be allowed to deny care prescribed by physicians and other healthcare professionals. Mental health concerns need to be addressed with the same level of resources as physical conditions.


End Gerrymandering

The right to vote in free and fair elections is a value recognized in the Constitution.  Everyone of voting age should have access to the voting process and should not be faced with discriminatory obstacles. Districts should not be drawn up by parties, advantage one party over another or limit the number and locations of polling places to dissuade voting.  I feel fair maps are imperative.

Business congress

Responsible Gun Legislation

  • Close loopholes in background checks

  • Adopt red flag laws

  • 48-hour waiting period for purchases

Gun Legislation must be coupled with training in de-escalation for our police and mental health resources and staff to be able to service individuals struggling with mental illness.

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