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Friends of Matt Brown Meeting, Loca Latte, Sussex 11am Sunday, Sep 18, 2020

Delighted to announce our next Friends of Matt Brown Meeting at Loca Latte, Sussex 11am to 12:30 pm this Sunday, Sep 18, 2020. Weather looks like it will be good, so we may be seated outside, especially if we have a good number of people. Loca Latte info is at Come early if you'd like to patronize them with a breakfast or a sandwich purchase if you wish. We'll have yard signs for folks. We have an agenda to share with everyone, including contact info for other Friends of Matt Brown.

Sign up at and you'll get meeting details. We're supporting Matt Brown and other Dems up and down the ballot to stop a GOP supermajority in Wisconsin and to increase Dems in Congress.

Use our Contact Us page if you have any suggestions or questions.

Hope to see you Sunday! Call Matt, Carolyn or Keith - or Contact Us - if you have any suggestions or questions.

Please join us on social media, including: Like and follow us on Facebook Connect with and follow us on LinkedIn Please follow (and retweet us) on Twitter

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